Stop marriage / engagement / sagai of lover


If your partner is going to engage to someone else, do you want to stop engage and marriage of your love partner?  If yes then, just take the help of our astrology services. It will help you to stop marriage/ engagement/sagai of a lover. Moulana ji  has much knowledge to solve the problems and they have the skill to influence the life of the person as per your desire without harming that person.  if you are facing problems like you lover partner doesn’t want to marry with you  and any other issues then  our astrology service also helps you to overcome this problem.

Stop Engagement of Boyfriend

Love feeling is  essential which fulfill happiness in life. Love gives you strength to live your life easily. When people fall in love relationship they truly dedicated to each other. And want to spend whole life with their love partner. As we know that this relationship is very fragile and it requires lots of care and love.  so sometimes unwanted problems occur in this relationship like miscommunication, lack of love and care, and some other issues occur which is a cause of the break-up like an engagement and marriage of  love partner. so if you are surfing from all this above situation and want to get back your lost love and want to stop engagement of your boyfriend then just take the help of our Muslim astrology services, which will help you to stop engagement of boyfriend and bring your boyfriend back in your life.

Stop Engagement of Girlfriend

In the present times, people take love like games, they only play with the emotion of their love partner and they give false consolation to their love partner to get marry. But when a time comes to get marry they break the relationship and they get ready to do marry with another person. There is lots of the guy who is facing a problem and wants to stop engagement of girlfriend. If you are also one of them and want to stop engagement of girlfriends then you can take the help of moulna ji . They will help you to stop the engagement and help to get marry with your girlfriend.