Interesting Facts related to Hazrat Ali Shahadat

Hazrat Ali The Shahadat

Hazrat Ali The Shahadat of 21 Ramadan (Mahe Ramadan) took place on 40 Hijri in the city of Kufa, Iraq. He was martyred in the morning prayer by Abdur Rahman Ibne Muljim when Maula was prostrating the first Rakat of Namaz.

Hazrat Ali was born in the city of Mecca. He was the first Imam of the Shia Muslim community. At the same time, Hazrat Mohammad was also the fourth Caliph of Sunni Muslims after the Prophet. Hazrat Ali came forward to help Islam at a time when Islam did not have any sympathy. He spread the religion of Islam to the common people. Seeing this service of his kind, Hazrat Muhammad Sahab commissioned him, Khalifa. He gave the message of peace and peace. He said that Islam is the religion of humanity and is in favor of non-violence.

Hazrat Ali always tried to remove discrimination from the nation’s love and society and also said that if you love your enemy, then one day he will become your friend. He said that the torturer and the one who assists and is happy with the torture is also persecutor. If you want to know more about the Islamic religion then you can consult Muslim astrologer who is best.

He also said that before speaking, words are your slaves but after speaking you become slaves of words. So always speak thoughtfully. Along with this, he has strictly forbidden to act like begging, chewing. He also said that always keep your thinking clearer than the drops of water, because the way a sea is formed by droplets, in the same way, thinking creates faith. So always keep your tongue safe and thinking.

In this way, Hazrat Ali, who gave the message of non-violence to the world with his high thinking, was killed during the morning prayers in Ramadan. Despite this, he spoke of forgiving his murderer. It is said that even though Hazrat Ali knew his murderer, he picked him up for the morning prayers and included him in the namaz.

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